The CEFLIB is delivered as a source package, CEFLIB-x.y.tar.gz.

The package is organized in several directories, than can be builded separately :

  • LIB : general purpose library (madatory)

  • C : CEFLIF core library (mandatory)

  • IDL : IDL library API (optional)

  • MATLAB : MATLAB library API (optional)

  • PYTHON : Python language API (optional)

You can choose to build the IDL and/or MATLAB and/or Python libraries, depending on the softwares installed in your computer.

CEFLIB IDL for Windows (Beta release)

You can find here binaries for Windows, for x86_64 architecture (64 bits).

Please follow notes in README file for installation.

Comments are welcome !

Latest release (Beta)

Older releases


This release is necessary if you want to use the CEFLIB PYTHON API with Python 3.x, rather than usual Python 2.x


This release will be necessary to build CEFLIB Matlab API on MacOSX "El Capitan"

More information can be found at: